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Head to head: iPad vs. Amazon Kindle

Apple is known to many people as a company that only produces the highest quality computer gadgets, computers, laptops, software and many more. So it is natural that every time Apple will announce that it will have a product launched, there will be a great stir caused around the world.

And there is something about Apple that no one can really outmatch them in. They are really a company which every time will come up on the market with a product, it will be a great step from their previous release. With such discipline and philosophy, the famous iPad was created. But what makes it so special?

The task of creating the iPad was handed over to the best engineers that Apple has and that is why it boasts out a wonderful design and looks pretty much amazing. You just need to see it to believe it. But even though Apple has intended to make from the ipad a product that is just a general computing solution, many sources are stating that they are aiming to compete with the Amazon Kindle, which nonetheless, has enjoyed a great success until now. So without further more introductions, let us see the difference between the two, starting with the iPad. The comparison will be an interesting one and there is always an excitement for those that compare such high end gadgets that only they know how it feels.

The screen that the iPad uses is a touch screen and it features a cool backlight option and it is very responsive. This is something that will appeal to many people, as the kindle has a normal screen, and no backlighting and when operating the Kindle, the users will need to also press buttons. The number of colors that the ipad can display is stacked at 16 million colors, while the Kindle is just a black & white device.

Taking a look at the Kindle, the device was just designed for reading eBooks, so there is not much functionality to take advantage of. When it comes to Apple, they have considered more than just creating an eBook reader. So which one do you think has the upper hand?

Personally, I don’t think that there will be many people that will buy the Kindle just for reading eBooks. Being aware of the key differences between these two tablets, I must really ask you: are you willing to pay a few hundred dollars on a tablet to just read eBooks?


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